Northwest Services Team

Red-Custom Mobile Service Truck

Weighing in at 23,000 lbs., Red is a 2003 MT-55  Freightliner with custom-built Utilimaster body. Specially built for on-location work, Red is  furnished with all the tools, equipment and parts necessary for most repair  jobs.

Read through the bios below to learn more about the team that brings “Red” to you.


Mechanical Team



Brad  is the  owner of Northwest Services along with his wife Jackie.  Brad is the head mechanic for the company and has a wide range of mechanical skills.

When Brad is not working on the job, he is busy working at home on one of many hobbies: “jeeping” in the country in his ’54 Willys, restoring vintage cars, working in the yard or a work night out at the track.



Dick is the top mechanic for Northwest Service and has been with the company since 1997. He  provides key insight on every call we get and has the skills to fix anything put in front of him.

When he is not working, Dick can be found spending quality time with his two daughters either out on his boat or riding bikes.



Brandon is a journeyman mechanic for Northwest Services and has been with the company since 2006.  He spends his days giving a helping hand to Brad or Dick.

At night, he is a father and a husband.  Brandon’s hobby is watching a favorite show with his family or a quick video game with his brothers.

The Support Team



Jackie is the bookkeeper for Northwest Services.  She does any and all paper work, such as billing, invoices, and phone calls.

When Jackie is done working, she loves to read romance novels, play games on the computer or drink a cup of coffee with family and friends.



Lucille is the assistant bookkeeper of Northwest Services.  She helps out the business by keeping everything organized, sending out bills, and assisting Jackie with any other office duties.

After work, Lucille serves her community at the local food bank and church.



Our new 7 month old chocolate lab



Thomas is our 25 lb. cat who keeps the shop free of critters.